Greek Women’s Society of S.A.  "O Taxiarchis” Inc.     

Σύλλογος Ελληνίδων Κυριών και Δεσποινίδων Νότιας Αυστραλίας " Ο Ταξιάρχης"      


Serving our Community since 1937

Welcome to the website of one of the oldest migrant women’s organizations in South Australia.

We hope that this website will provide a summary of our historic Society’s multidimensional work and its contribution to our society as well as information about our current activities.

Νews and Αnnouncements

Vasilopita and Re-opening of Greek Womens Centre 2024

After the customary Christmas Break  the Greek Women's Centre will re-open and resume its activities as from February 13th 2024. The Centre offers a one hour light exercise class suitable for senior women and is followed by  snacks, coffee, socializing and bingo.


On the 13th of February we will also be cutting the traditional New Year's Cake or " Vasilopita" as it called on this day. Please join us all ladies are welcome.  You may also bring along your husbands if you wish.


Come join us Fitness for the not so young!!


 The Center operates every Tuesday  at the Goodwood Community Centre  32 Rosa St Goodwood.




 9.30 am - 10.30 am             (Exercise Class)


10.30 am - 12.00 noon         (Coffee and Bingo)


Refreshments are served after the exercise class. 


The program is proudly sponsored by the Unley Council

Clean Monday Outdoor gathering 18/3/2024

For decades now, the Greek Women's Society has been organizing  an outdoor gathering  every year on Clean Monday with the main objective being to celebrate Kathari Deftera true to Greek tradition.


Clean Monday apart from marking the first day of Great Lent is also considered in Greece to mark the first day of spring with Greeks celebrating it with outdoor activities.


This year Clean Monday falls on the 18th of March 2024 and we will be organizing an outdoor meet to celebrate the day at Glenelg foreshore, just past the Stamford Hotel.  There is ample shade in the area with huge pines and picnic facilities.


Everyone is welcome. Please bring your  blankets, folding chairs, and picnic baskets  with “ nistisima” food of Lent, , such as Laganas, olives as well as halva.   Don't forget your water and other drinks as it can be quite hot at this time of the year. There will also be some fun games which every one can take in part. This is a fun event every year and precedes the 40 year Lent period in preparation for Easter.


We will be meeting around 11.00 a..m. Everyone is welcome!


Vasilopita and Re-opening of Greek Womens Centre 2024

On the 13th of February in the presence of the Mayor of Unley Hon Michael Hewitson and Cr Georgie Hart, the Greek Women’s Society of SA “O Taxiarchis officially re-opened its doors for its patrons at the Goodwood Community Centre. Other dignitaries present were, the President of the organization, Ms. Chrisoula Heisler, the President, Vice President and Secretary General of the Greek Orthodox Community of SA Inc, Mr Peter Gardiakos, Mr. Peter Gonis and Ms. Smaro Skordas respectively.


The Greek Women's Society, which is the first Greek Women’s association to be established in South Australia (operating since 1930 and registered in 1937) runs the Greek Women’s Centre Fitness and Wellness program which is sponsored by Unley Council every Tuesday between 09.30.a.m – 12.00p.m. at the Goodwood Community Centre between February to December.


It is customary at the reopening of the Centre each year in February to commence the program with the cutting of traditional “New Year’s Cake” called the Vasilopita a tradition that dates back thousands of years. The purpose of this cake is to bring good luck for the new year.  A slice is served to every person present, and the lucky one who receives the coin (which is in the cake) can expect good luck for the rest of the year.  


This year, the Mayor of Unley as the guest of honour, was asked to cut the “Vasilopita”. Before doing so Mayor Hewitson addressed the patrons of the organization, congratulating them on running a program, which is aimed at wellbeing, recreation, with inclusivity and diversity, in line with the goals of the Unley Council. The lucky winner, this year, Eleni Koutz, apart from being blessed with good luck for the year received a Gift basket with goodies:



The program which is bilingual (Greek and English) is not limited only to Greek women.  It operates as a “drop-in” Centre for women of any cultural background who wish to join and also welcomes the spouses of the participants in the social/refreshments part the program. In this way many women who are carers for their spouses may bring them along to join in the social activities. Specifically, the program is made up of an 1hour health/fitness class for seniors, conducted by a qualified instructor.


A social/recreation group follows and a morning tea and Mediterranean light refreshments are provided. The last hour is set aside for games of Bingo. It is not mandatory to attend the fitness class. Participants are welcome to attend only the second part of the program which the provides recreation and socialization, If they so desire.


Greek Women´s Centre

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Greek Women´s Centre

32-34 Rosa St Goodwood, SA 5034

Tues 9.30 am - 10.30 am (Exercise Class)
10.30 am - 12.00 noon (Coffee and Bingo)

Wheelchair access, Disability toilets, Disability parking