Christmas Lunch 13/12/2023

Stephen Pallaras, Helen Kounavelis, Niki Sperou,Chrisoula Heisler, Effie Katianos, Evlampia Hassiotis, Sandra Sifis, Peter Gardiakos
Stephen Pallaras, Helen Kounavelis, Niki Sperou,Chrisoula Heisler, Effie Katianos, Evlampia Hassiotis, Sandra Sifis, Peter Gardiakos

On the 13th of December 2023, the members of the Greek Women’s Society gathered to celebrate Christmas at the Watermark Hotel Glenelg.

The lunch marked the end of one more year of the activities and fitness and wellness program of the organization. 

The air was festivity but there was touch of sadness this year due to the demise some of our much valued members. However, our members cherish fond memories the members we have lost and the many years of their dedicated service to the community and their contribution will always be remembered and honoured.


The President of the Greek Orthodox Community of SA Inc, Mr Peter Gardiakos also attended the lunch and was accompanied by Mr. Stephen Pallaras Former Director of Public Prosecutions


Hoping to see everyone once again on the 13th of February 2024, at the Goodwood Community Centre, when we will resume once again our fitness and wellness program.


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AGM 2023

On the 8th of July  the Annual General Meeting was held. Members heard reports from the President and Treasurer covering our work from July 2021 to 30th of June 2022


 The meeting took place at the Goodwood Community Centre and was attended by many of our members.


The meeting was opened by the President who welcomed the guests amongst which was the President of GOCSA, Mr. Peter Gardiakos and Ms. Smaro Skordas Secretary General of GOCSA.


We thank all of those members who attended and demonstrated their support for the Organization and the Executive Committee as well as all our volunteers and supporters. 


Visit to Parliament House September 2023

Members of the Greek Women’s Society of SA “O Taxiarchis” were thanked for their contributions on Tuesday, September 19, at a special afternoon tea hosted by Jayne Stinson

MP and held at Parliament House, Adelaide.The afternoon tea was an opportunity to acknowledge the women of our organization have always promoted social cohesion, with the ongoing provision of cultural and social activities and

supporting those in need, including those socially isolated and older people.

The members were accompanied by the President and Vice President of the organization, Mrs Chrisoula Heisler and Niki Sperou.  Also assisting in the event was the Treasurer, Ms. Sandra Sifis and other members of the Executive Committee.


Through its fundraising efforts, the Society has assisted women in need, donated to various individuals and associations, and financially contributed to the restoration of monuments in South Australia, most notably a sculpture of Catherine Helen Spence, a social and political

reformer and writer. 


Jayne Stinson, State Member for Badcoe, said: “It was a privilege to walk together with members of the Greek Women’s Society through the halls of Parliament. For so many years, these ladies have served their community through volunteer service, philanthropy, and

advocating for women’s rights.” The afternoon concluded with a memorable group photo at the steps of the Parliament House, similar to a photo taken in 1990 with then MLC, Julian Stefani.

“We are very grateful for the invitation to visit Parliament House, because the women will have a wonderful memory of their visit, which will stay with them forever,” Greek Women’s Society President, Chrisoula Heisler said.



The cutting of the Vasilopita and the Re-opening of Greek Women's Centre


The cutting of the Vasilopita (New Year's pie) of the Greek Women’s Society took place on Monday, February 14th, 2023 at the Greek Women’s Centre at the Goodwood Community Centre in the presence of the Society’s member and guests. The day also marked the resumption of the Greek Women’s Society Fitness and Well Being program which had been closed for the Christmas Holidays.


The guests were welcomed by the President Mrs. Hrisoula Heisler who thanked the Vice President of the Greek Orthodox Community Mr. Peter Gonis for his presence and for bringing along the Hon.  Ms Jayne Stinson, MP - State Member for Badcoe. 


Ms. Sandra Sifis and Eleni Kounavelis who are members of the Board of GOCSA were also present. Mr Gonis congratulated the members and the Executive committee of Greek Women’s Society for their work and for the operation of the Greek Women’s Centre which has its objective meeting the needs of its ageing members by providing programs and organizing events which combat isolation, promoting wellness and recreation.



Mr. Peter Gonis on behalf of the President of GOCSA Mr. Peter Gardiakos and the newly elected board, read a letter from the President who highlighted and underlined the long standing close relationship between GOCSA and the Greek Women’s Society which dates back to 1934.


After the welcome speeches, the Vasilopita was cut and distributed. The members had the opportunity to chat with the Vice President Mr. Peter Gonis and the Hon.  Ms Jayne Stinson in a congenial and fun ambience, whilst refreshments, snacks and socializing followed. The day ended with the customary Bingo.