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Mother’s Day Lunch 10th of May 2017


On the 10th of May our organization celebrated Mother’s Day at lunch which was held at the Earl of Leicester Hotel in Parkside.  


The Mother’s Day Lunch is an annual event for the Greek Women’s Society of SA “ O Taxiarchis” and is of great significance. 



The event honours the contribution of its members who since its establishment who managed to serve and support the work of the organization and at the same time fulfilling their role as mothers and wives being the lifeblood of their families.


Approximately 50 members and their friends gathered in the dining room of the Earl of Leicester to enjoy the three course meal in an atmosphere of conviviality and relaxation.  

During the course of the luncheon two beautiful bouquets was presented, one to the oldest mother present and the other to the mother with the most grandchildren.

After lunch the door prize and raffle was drawn. 


The President if Greek Women’s Society of SA “ O Taxiarchis” would like to thank all those members who donated prizes for the raffle of this event. Our raffles our made possible through the generosity of our members and friends.

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Annual Picnic on 27/2/2019 "Clean Monday"

 On the 27th of February which was “ Clean Monday”  or Kathari Deftera approximately members and friends of the Greek Women’s Organization gathered on the foreshore of Glenelg in front of the Stamford Hotel for a picnic, fun and games.

 For decades now, the Association has been organizing this event every year with the main objectives being to celebrate Kathari Deftera true to Greek tradition. 


Clean Monday apart from marking the first day of Lent is also considered in Greece to mark the first day of spring with Greeks celebrating it with outdoor activities.


Many Greek families, young and old, will picnic in parks or by the seaside and fly kites which is said to symbolize happiness and family unity

Food is also a very important part of the Clean Monday celebration with shellfish, fasting food and laganas (azyme bread) being consumed.



This year, the weather for our celebration was perfect. Although it was hot and sunny the huge pines on the grassy Glenelg foreshore provided ample shade and the local facilities facilitated the games and competitions.

In true picnic style everyone brought their blankets, folding chairs, and their picnic baskets filled with “ nistisima” food of Len, Food, such as Laganas, olives as well as halva. The only thing missing was the kite flying … but there were plenty of other outdoor games and activities which fostered socializing, physical activity, and fun.



And of course the event would not have been complete without the hat competition. The ladies lined up with their hats to be judged. The judges had a hard time but finally picked the winners with the most original hats.  


A special prize was awarded to the lady who instead of wearing her hat wore her parakeet on her head!! – a truly novel headpiece!



The day would not have been complete without the traditional banter and of course the telling of jokes. Everyone gathered together to enjoy jokes and spontaneous anectdotes.


All in all everyone had a wonderful time and promised to be back next year. See you all there next year. Perhaps there will even be some kite flying..


Memorial Service for Eva Drummond 15/1/2017

On Sunday 15th of January 2017, the family of our beloved member Eva Drummond held a memorial service (40days since her passing) at the Church of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel in Franklin Street followed by a wake at the Castellorizan Brotherhood Hall.  Family, friends and the members of the Executive Committee of the Greek Women’s Association “ Taxiarchis” Inc attended in order to honour her memory and life.



Eva joined the Greek Women’s Society Taxiarchis soon after her arrival in Australia With the staunch support of her husband Alex, she served our organization tirelessly for more than 60 years contributing both in time and in kind.  We are extremely grateful for her contribution which was invaluable and she will be sorely missed by all




The final event of 2016 calendar took place at the Watermark Hotel Glenelg on the 9th of December 2016 at 12.00 noon.


More than 60 members and their friends gathered for the Annual Christmas Lunch at the well- known Watermark Hotel to celebrate the holiday season and exchange Christmas greetings.