Kafeneion Day 12th December 2021

The Greek Women’s society held The Kafeneion Day (Greek Coffee Shop Day) on Sunday 12 December at the Goodwood Community Centre and offered to more than 250 attendees the chance to experience a day at a traditional Greek coffee shop. 

This fun community event was  supported by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Multicultural Affairs


We are also grateful to our sponsors the Greek Orthodox Community of SA Inc. as well as Omega Foods.

Effie Katianos demonstrated how to prepare a Greek coffee " elliniko"
Effie Katianos demonstrated how to prepare a Greek coffee " elliniko"

The ageing members of the Greek Women’s Society of SA put weeks and weeks of planning into making this event a success and they couldn’t be happier with how it came together. 


A team of younger volunteers of different cultural backgrounds helped on the day with coffee preparation, waiting tables and making sure all COVID regulations were adhered to.  


The event which was free offered attendees the opportunity to sample delicious Greek coffees and desserts prepared by the Greek ladies, to enjoy traditional music from the eastern Mediterranean, to attend Greek coffee making classes and to learn more about the history of coffee and its cultural significance for the Greeks.


In order to address COVID-related health concerns with the opening of the borders  and as the vast majority of attendees were over the age of 55, it was decided not to have dancing performances or shared games, such as backgammon. 


However, traditional Greek dancing was showcased on two screens during the event, and a backgammon display was set up for people who were interested in learning more about the game. In addition to the above, the Catalyst Foundation, a not-for-profit active in the areas of ageing and disability held a stall at the event, offering people free information on ageing matters. 

The event was very well received within the Greek-Australian and the wider South Australian community and the feedback was 100% positive.  Many commented that they enjoyed spending time at the event, and almost everyone indicated that they learned something new, such as the history of coffee and how to prepare it. In the words of the attendees:


“What a wonderful event! We hope it is one of many!”


“A great day for all! Thank you to all the volunteers who made it possible!” 


“Today seemed like a lot of work and my family enjoyed the desserts and cakes in particular! Thank you!”


 “Our multicultural community is outstanding. And the frappe too!”

AGM July 11th 2021

During  2020 as a result of  COVID and the restrictions, the organization did not hold any functions and ceased operations. As a result a decision was taken not to hold an AGM in 2020.

On the 11th of July the customary Annual General Meeting was held. Members heard reports from the President and Treasurer covering our work from July 2019 to June 2021


 The meeting took place at the Goodwood Community Centre and was attended by many of our members.


The meeting was opened by the President who welcomed the guests amongst which was the secretary general of GOCSA, Mr. Peter Ppiros.


This year a new Audit Committee was elected for the term 2020-2023.  The new Committee is comprised  of Helen Vassos, Panayiota Varkanis, Zoe Koulianos 

Society honours Georgette Psaltis  on her birthday in June 2021

From left Effie Katianos Georgia Akakios, Georgette Psaltis, Hrisoula Heisler
From left Effie Katianos Georgia Akakios, Georgette Psaltis, Hrisoula Heisler

On June 15th 2021 during the Greek Women's Centre Fitness and Wellness program, the patrons of the Society celebrated Georgette Psaltis birthday. The occasion was the ideal opportunity to honour the many decades long selfless service that Georgette has offerred to the organization. As the treasurer for many years her contribution to both the administrative and financial side of things has been invaluable


We wish her many more wonderful birthdays and hope to have her continued support for years to come.

Clean Monday picnic 15th of March 2021

Our Association has been organizing " the Clean Monday" outdoor get together every year for decades.  The main objective is to celebrate Kathari Deftera true to Greek tradition. Clean Monday apart from marking the first day of Great Lent is also considered in Greece to mark the first day of spring with Greeks celebrating it with outdoor activities.


Members and friends of the association will meet  after 11.00 a.m. on the 15th  of March  on the foreshore of Glenelg in front of the Stamford Hotel for a picnic, fun and games.


Everyone is welcome - come and join us for this time old tradition. Don't forget to bring your own nibbles and refreshment as well as your hat as there will be a competition for the best hat!

Greek Women's Centre 2021