Our Story

In 1934 Katholiki Anastasas and another three women who shared the common dream of building a church for the Greek Community of South Australia, Australia, with the blessing of Archbishop permission set up a Society to conduct fundraising for this purpose.  

Katholiki Anastasas enlisted the help her daughter-in-law Despina Kratsis and her sympethera Despina Pan. Tsakalos and the Society became a reality.  This desire for the erection of a church was deeply rooted in the Greek migrant’s women’s hearts and minds at that time, and it became the driving force behind the the society when Katholiki Anastasas became the first president (1937-1939). The Society’s seal bears the year 1937 and the Society became a legal entity in 1985.

The Greek Women’s Society was established and flourished thanks to the tireless efforts of many women who offered their services without personal gain. These women, starting from the founders of the Society to the existing members, were the Society’s beating heart and all of them have contributed to its success.

The Society’s philanthropic goals were achieved through many events and fundraisers over the years.  However, every one of them, from the first events which took place in immigrants’ shops after hours to the more sophisticated ones of recent years were all were filled and marked by happy, moving and funny moments marked by selflessness and contribution to society.

In 2012 the Greek Women’s Society of South Australia celebrated its 75th anniversary with a feeling of pride for the past and hope for the future. With the support of its members and friends, the Greek Women’s Society of South Australia will continue its important journey.

To commemorate this anniversary the Greek Women’s Society of South Australia  published a small book featuring the important moments of its long history as well as  highlights of the Society's  main achievements.   The texts have been based on the Society’s archive or have been written by its members.
A copy if this publication can be purchased a nominal fee. For more information please contact us here.