Greek Women's Centre

The Greek Women’s center was inaugurated in 1986 with a grant of from the Federal Government. The Centre was originally housed at 49-51 Flinders Street, Adelaide, after which it was transferred to 1Florence Street, Goodwood where it had continued its programs for over 20 years with volunteer women from the Society.

The Greek Women’s Society of SA “O Taxiarchis” Inc through its Greek Women’s Centre which operates at the Goodwood Community Centre focuses on meeting the needs of its ageing members by providing programs and organizing events which combat loneliness and promote cultural diversity and inclusion.

Its major program consists of a weekly fitness/wellness and recreation program designed to cater for senior women of Greek background many of whom have language difficulties and physical limitations.


The program combats the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, loneliness, social isolation, and depression and provides social interactions with the Greek culture to provide positive physiological benefits that can promote better health outcomes and improves the quality of life the women who participate. .


There is a special fitness class which is held every Tuesday aimed at providing well being for the elderly.

The program which is bilingual (Greek and English) is not limited only to Greek women. It operates as “drop-in” Centre for women of any cultural background who wish to join and also welcomes the spouses of the participants in the social/refreshments part the program. In this way many women who are carers for their spouses may bring them along to join in the social activities.  



The Centre which is located at the Goodwood Civic Centre 32-34 Rosa St Goodwood, operates every Tuesday currently provides an exercise class, morning tea and  other  social activities. Gold coin to participate.


A social/discussion group follows and morning tea and light refreshments are provided. The last hour is set aside for games of Bingo. 




 9.30 am - 10.30 am             (Exercise Class)
10.30 am - 12.00 noon         (Coffee and Bingo)