80th Anniversary Lunch – Adelaide Casino 8/12/2017


On the 8th of December, the Greek Women’s Society of SA held a luncheon at the Adelaide Casino to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the establishment of the organization. This event concluded the commemoration events which were organized in November 207 celebrating this important milestone in the history of the oldest Greek Women’s association in South Australia.


Members Xmas Lunch and 80th Anniversary November 2017

On the 29th of November the Greek Women’s Society of S.A. O “Taxiarchis” Inc held its customary Christmas party luncheon for its members at the Goodwood Community Centre.

The event gave the organization the additional opportunity to celebrate its 80th Anniversary with its members many of whom have been members and staunch supporters for years


The President Mrs. Soumas with Frossie  Foundas and a friend
The President Mrs. Soumas with Frossie Foundas and a friend

The Goodwood Community Centre which has been the venue of our Christmas party for many years was decorated in bright Christmas colours to help our members get into the festive spirit.

While the guests waited for all the members to arrive they listened to Greek Christmas Carols  and chatted.

The official guests who attended were Mrs. Mary Mangos a former President of the Society and member since 1937 and Mr. Bil Gonis  President of GOCSA.

Soon after the President Mrs Roula Souma extended a warm welcome to all and wished them a pleasant afternoon. 


Mrs. Heisler, the President Mrs. Soumas and the Executive Committee with the cake
Mrs. Heisler, the President Mrs. Soumas and the Executive Committee with the cake

After lunch it was time to cut the cake which had been prepared for the 80th Anniversary.  Firstly Mrs Chrisoula Heisler former Secretary of the organization for more than 40 years said a few words mentioning the achievements and highlights of the Society during its 80 year history.  This was followed by the President Mrs.Roula Soumas acknowledging and thanking all the members for their support and contribution over the years. The cake was then cut and served to the members by the members of the Executive Committee.


The free Christmas Lunch has been provided for the Society’s members dating back many years.  


The cooking and preparation and the entire organization of the event is carried out by the Executive Committee members as sign of appreciation and  recognition for the support received from its  members ( monetary and in kind) for the Society’s  philanthropic work. Its aim is to provide recreation for its members and celebrate the Christmas period blending Greek customs with the local ones.


Koula Spatharo and Irini Michailoglou helping out in the food preparation
Koula Spatharo and Irini Michailoglou helping out in the food preparation


The delicious lunch was enjoyed by all but most of all it was the friendly and welcoming faces of our members and their warm exchanges that put everyone in the Christmas spirit.  


The final highlight of the event was the raffle draw which included many prizes all of which had been contributed by the members of organization.


 We are extremely grateful to all our members for the generosity and support and to all our volunteers and committee members for their hard work.


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80th Anniversary Celebration

This year, marks the 80th anniversary of  the Greek Women’s Society of S.A. O “Taxiarchis” Inc. The Society was formerly inaugurated in 1937 just three years after the Greek Orthodox Community of SA’s own establishment. Since then the paths of these two historic organizations have run parallel until today. For 80 years the Greek Women’s Society has collaborated side by side with the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia, contributing greatly in furthering the Community’s objectives, programs and stalwartly supporting the Church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel, after which the Society is named.


To mark this occasion, a small un-veiling ceremony which was organized by the GOCSA Management Committee was held immediately after the church service of the Feast Day of the Church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel.  The ceremony was attended by the President s of GOCSA and members of the Greek Women, GOCSA and the church parishoners.   


Memorial service in the Cathedral of Archangels Michael and Gabriel
Memorial service in the Cathedral of Archangels Michael and Gabriel

To celebrate this historic anniversary of the Greek Women’s Society of S.A. “O Taxiarchis” Inc. many of the members of the Society attended the church service of the Feast Day Church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel “ Taxiarchis” during which a memorial service was conducted for the deceased members of the organization

In addition the Society in collaboration with GOCSA arranged for the installation of a teak bench with a commemorative plaque to be placed in churchyard of the Church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel “ Taxiarchis” in order to pay tribute to the bond between the Society, the Taxiarchis Church and the Greek Orthodox Community of SA, 

Bill Gonis President of GOCSA, Mary Mangos, Roula Soumas President of the Greek Women's Society " O  Taxiarchis, Reverend Ioannis Konidaris
Bill Gonis President of GOCSA, Mary Mangos, Roula Soumas President of the Greek Women's Society " O Taxiarchis, Reverend Ioannis Konidaris

The president of GOCSA Mr. Bill Gonis who officiated the ceremony spoke of the Society’s achievements and contribution to the Church and the community.  On the same note Mrs. Roula Soumas the President   Greek Women’s Society of S.A. O “Taxiarchis” Inc. addressed the gathering and asked Mrs. Mary Mangos to unveil the bench and plaque commemorating this milestone. Mrs. Mary Mangos, who is the daughter of Mrs. Katholliki Anastasas one of the three founding members of the Society has worked tirelessly to promote the objectives of the society for more many decades. She  is also  the longest serving member if the organization  (since 1937)


The President and the Executive Committee of the Greek Women’s Society of S.A. O “Taxiarchis” Inc. wishes to thank all the members and friends who have supported the Society over the years and look forward to their continued support in the future.

The 80 year anniversary celebration will be concluded  with a  dinner at the  Sky city Casino on  Friday the 8th of December.


You can read  more on this important anniversary at the following link

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2017


The Greek Women’s Society of S.A. “Taxiarchis” Inc.    will conduct its Αnnual General Meeting on Sunday 23rd of July 2017


The AGM will be held at the  “Greek Women´s Centre” , Goodwood Centre , 32-34 Rosa St Goodwood 2 .30pm -  5.00 pm. 

Agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

  • reading and approval of minutes AGM 2016
  • Business arising from minutes
  • Correspondence
  • Financial Report
  • Elections of Returning Officers/Auxillary committee
  • General Business  

Spring Getaway to Yankalilla and Normanville

Come and join us on our full day excursion to the historic town of Yankalilla and Normanville on the 10th of October.


Located 72 km south of Adelaide and 35 km west of Victor Harbour, Yankalilla is a small, attractive town which nestles into the surrounding hills. It is located on the main road from Adelaide to Cape Jervis

It is a town of considerable historic interest and is considered to be one of the more important centres on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula.


Yankalilla has retained its 'old village' atmosphere, with the pretty Bungala River flowing through the township. Take a walk along the tree-lined streets, admiring the rural architecture and cottage gardens 

Yankalilla is the site of one of the world's newest Marian Shrines – the Shrine of Our Lady of Yankalilla, which attracts pilgrims from around the world to see the image of the Madonna and child that has appeared on the rear wall of the Anglican Church. 

Yankalilla is also home to the first country Josephite school, opened by Saint Mary McKillop in 1867, which is now a private residence. A must-see while in Yankalilla is the town's historical museum, which is constantly being highly rated by visitors.


The cost per person is $ 35.00 and includes transportation (bus), morning tea, Lunch and sightseeing.  If you wish to take part you must book your seat.


Roula: 82723558, Georgette 83364595,  Helen 83563431       

Deadline for bookings:  5th October, 


AGM 2017


On the 23rd of July our organization held its Annual General Meeting at the Goodwood Community Centre. All our members were invited to attend to hear about the organization’s activities and finances for the previous year.

Before opening the meeting the President welcomed the members and held a minutes silence for Mrs Eva Drummond and Mrs Maritsa Drummond former Committee members and stalwart supporters who recently passed away.


Following the President’s and Treasurer’s reports, most of the formalities had been completed and refreshments were served. After the break the meeting continued with the election of the Returning Officers/Auxillary Committee for the term 2017-2019


The meeting concluded with discussions and the drawing of the raffle.


We thank all of those members who attended and demonstrated their support for the Organization and the Executive Committee as well as all our volunteers and supporters.


Afternoon Tea Fundraiser 25/6/2017

The Greek Women’s Society of S.A O “Taxiarchis”Inc organized a HIGH TEA for its members and friends on the 25th of June  to fundraise for  the GOCSA Dance Academy on  Sunday 25th of June, 2017 between 2.00 p.m. and  5.00 p.m. at Goodwood Community Centre.


 The purpose of the event was to raise funds while providing a social and cultural afternoon showcasing Greek traditional dances and the beautiful costumes worn in different parts of Greeks.  All the proceeds raised were donated to the GOCSA Dance Academy.


The Banquet Room of the Goodwood Community Center which was set up with elegantly set tables with lace doilies, floral decorations and fine china oozed old warm charm.  

Following the arrival of all the guests, the President welcomed everyone and handed over the reins to Mrs Hellas Lucas the Director of the GOCSA Dance Academy who was the compere for the Traditional Costume Parade which was one the main highlight of the afternoon. 


While the students of the GOCSA Academy dressed in women’s and men’s attire from the mainland of Greece presented the elaborate and colourful costumes Mrs. Lucas provided a detailed description of each costume.  The costumes on parade  were from the regions of Thrace, Mani, Makedonia, Fokida, and Arahova and Zagori,  The islands were also represented with costumes from the Nisyrios, Paros, Crete and Amorgos.


The feedback from the guests was incredibly positive and we would like to thank all members and friends who attended or supported the event with donations of lottery prizes or savoury/pastry platters.


The guests were then treated to a performance of several traditional Greek dances from different regions of Greece delighting all who attended both young and old. 

In an atmosphere which was warm and relaxing  with background Greek music of the 60's the guests were then served Afternoon Tea by the students of the Dance Group, still dressed in their costumes. 

The guests had all they could eat and the delicious and large selection of savouries, sandwiches treats and pastries typical of Greek and local western cuisine appealed to all palates. 

The afternoon finally drew to an end with the raffle draw which included many prizes

 Overall it was a genteel afternoon of fine dining with delicious treats with a touch history and an opportunity for everyone to engage in conversation over a pot of tea. 

Mother’s Day Lunch 10th of May 2017

Eleni Bogias, Chrysanthi and Nina Kavathas
Eleni Bogias, Chrysanthi and Nina Kavathas


On the 10th of May our organization celebrated Mother’s Day with a lunch which was held at the Earl of Leicester Hotel in Parkside.  


The Mother’s Day Lunch is an annual event for the Greek Women’s Society of SA “ O Taxiarchis” and  holds great significance for the Society. 

Mary Mangos and friends.
Mary Mangos and friends.

The event honours  and acknowledges its members' dual role  as mothers and wives serving their families  and  community at the same time.


Approximately 50 members and their friends gathered in the dining room of the Earl of Leicester to enjoy the three course meal in an atmosphere of conviviality and relaxation.  

During the course of the luncheon two beautiful bouquets were presented, one to the oldest mother present and the other to the mother with the most grandchildren.

After lunch the door prize and raffle was drawn. 


The President of Greek Women’s Society of SA “ O Taxiarchis” would like to thank all those members who donated prizes for the raffle for this event. Our raffles are made possible through the generosity of our members and friends.

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Annual Picnic on 27/2/2017"Clean Monday"

 On the 27th of February which was “ Clean Monday”  or Kathari Deftera approximately members and friends of the Greek Women’s Organization gathered on the foreshore of Glenelg in front of the Stamford Hotel for a picnic, fun and games.

 For decades now, the Association has been organizing this event every year with the main objectives being to celebrate Kathari Deftera true to Greek tradition. 


Clean Monday apart from marking the first day of Lent is also considered in Greece to mark the first day of spring with Greeks celebrating it with outdoor activities.


Many Greek families, young and old, will picnic in parks or by the seaside and fly kites which is said to symbolize happiness and family unity

Food is also a very important part of the Clean Monday celebration with shellfish, fasting food and laganas (azyme bread) being consumed.



This year, the weather for our celebration was perfect. Although it was hot and sunny the huge pines on the grassy Glenelg foreshore provided ample shade and the local facilities facilitated the games and competitions.

In true picnic style everyone brought their blankets, folding chairs, and their picnic baskets filled with “ nistisima” food of Len, Food, such as Laganas, olives as well as halva. The only thing missing was the kite flying … but there were plenty of other outdoor games and activities which fostered socializing, physical activity, and fun.



And of course the event would not have been complete without the hat competition. The ladies lined up with their hats to be judged. The judges had a hard time but finally picked the winners with the most original hats.  


A special prize was awarded to the lady who instead of wearing her hat wore her parakeet on her head!! – a truly novel headpiece!



The day would not have been complete without the traditional banter and of course the telling of jokes. Everyone gathered together to enjoy jokes and spontaneous anectdotes.


All in all everyone had a wonderful time and promised to be back next year. See you all there next year. Perhaps there will even be some kite flying..


Memorial Service for Eva Drummond 15/1/2017

On Sunday 15th of January 2017, the family of our beloved member Eva Drummond held a memorial service (40days since her passing) at the Church of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel in Franklin Street followed by a wake at the Castellorizan Brotherhood Hall.  Family, friends and the members of the Executive Committee of the Greek Women’s Association “ Taxiarchis” Inc attended in order to honour her memory and life.



Eva joined the Greek Women’s Society Taxiarchis soon after her arrival in Australia With the staunch support of her husband Alex, she served our organization tirelessly for more than 60 years contributing both in time and in kind.  We are extremely grateful for her contribution which was invaluable and she will be sorely missed by all



Eva Evangelia Drummond who was born in Amorgos Greece passed away on the 25th of November aged 93 years old. She is survived by her husband Alex and her two daughters Elena and Cathy.


Eva Drummond’s dedication, passion and legacy will never be forgotten by the members of the Greek Women’s Society of South Australia “ Taxiarchis" .